Let’s All Celebrate the first Anniversary of Bitcoin Money! A BCH Special Report

What a year it has been! Bitcoin Money has a one year anniversary today! We’re tossing parties around the globe to honor the big achievements of Bitcoin Cash on its first anniversary. Considering that last August, the peer-to-peer electronic money has been adopted by countless buyers, designers, and merchants around the globe. It has gathered fantastic exchange support with the advancement of new, innovative wallets and an entire Twitter community fan base that is well over 100,000 followers currently. The Twitter-sphere continuously talks about the latest platforms, movements, meet-ups, and charities that are embracing Bitcoin cash. Big events are happening weekly to promote it as the best method to do organisation.

Bitcoin Money is Unstoppable
Bitcoin Cash is unstoppable! Merchants in cities and states around the globe now accept BCH as a form of payment with approximately over 20,000 day-to-day transactions. The digital migration is so extensive, that Coinbase software engineer and P2P master Josh Ellithorpe is persuaded the future lies with Bitcoin Cash.

” In just one brief year, BCH has grown by leaps and bounds,” says Ellithorpe. “It is supported at companies all over the world, has remarkable assistance, and numerous brand-new ingenious wallets have been developed. Now that the facilities has actually reached BTC, the real journey begins. It is time to onboard users all over the world to make p2p cash a reality in our every day lives !!”.
Ways People Use Bitcoin Money.

Household Shopping & High-end Goods.

Shoppers like how easy Bitcoin Cash is to use. Savvy online merchants incorporate it as an alternative to standard currency. Here are a couple of examples:.

Purse.io assists clients buy on Amazon with a 15% discount simply for investing their BCH.

Fancy.com, a social media and ecomm site, recently onboarded BCH.

Our really own Bitcoin Store leads the way by accepting Bitcoin Cash.Social Media.

Social Media and Publishing Sites.

Memo.cash and Yours.org allow users to tip each other in BCH for posts they like. The micropayment platform MoneyButton developed by economic expert Ryan Charles, can be added to websites that permit merchants to accept small payments of BCH instead of PayPal, bank transfers, or charge card payments.


Bitcoin Money took the travel market by storm this year with websites like Cheapair, Destinia, Travelbybit, and Cryptocribs making it their favored currency. We’re positive it is just a matter of time up until larger gamers in the travel industry embrace Bitcoin Cash as a universal payment option.

Bitcoin is Unaffected by Devaluation.
Cryptocurrency is more safe and secure. In many cases it is the only chance of survival for people in financially challenged countries like Venezuela. This is since Bitcoin Cash is never ever impacted by devaluation like conventional currency. Individuals do not need to stress their loan will not buy a loaf of bread in the afternoon since digital currency keeps its worth. It has actually become such a lifeline that charities worldwide are now being moneyed with Bitcoin Cash to assist people around the globe. EatBCH began it off by accepting BCH contributions for food in Venezuela. It was so successful there are now several ‘eatbchs’ around the world.

Paying Buddies Was Never Ever More Convenient.

No more money transfers or cash are needed when you head out to supper or coffee with a pal. With Bitcoin Cash, friends and family are immediately repaid with practically no fees. It is simple to do– just scan a QR code.

Low-Fee, No-Fee International Cash Transfers.

International cash transfers have never been simpler or cheaper than with digital currency. You can send cash home and know precisely what quantity you are sending. Plus, there is no guessing game on how much your recipient will get. You understand right away. It’s an instant P2P payment solution that is problem-free– often times without fees.

Bitcoin Builds Businesses.

There are whole services being constructed entirely on Bitcoin. In bigger cities such as Tokyo and some states like New Hampshire, Bitcoin Cash is expanding. That’s due to the fact that it offers financial liberty unparalleled by standard currency. Smaller sized merchants have developed their consumer base totally on digital deals for services and products like coffee, yoga studios, hardware, lunch and beer. BCH is likewise supported by thousands more merchants worldwide due to the fact that the currency is accepted by every organisation that partners with Bitpay. More than 2.5 million Bitcoin.com wallet apps have actually been downloaded by users worldwide in just under a year. That’s the start of universal approval at its best!

Paying in #BCH is easy in Japan. https://t.co/8oLCStAsw8 group bonded over lunch at the cool ‘O’ K, OK’, in Daikanyama. They quickly paid in BCH and even updated the restaurants sticker collection- featuring new styles by @corbinfraser ✌ #FridayFeeling #BitcoinCash #P 2P pic.twitter.com/oWHvYVFVeU.

— Bitcoin.com Official (@BitcoinCom) July 6, 2018.

How is Bitcoin Money Different from the Old Bitcoin?
” Relentlessly pushing the vision of peer to peer cash for quick, low-cost, reputable global deals” -Gerald Fabrot, Business Advancement Supervisor, Bitcoin.com.

Bitcoin Cash was born August 1, 2017 after Bitcoin broke into 2 really unique groups with various views of what the digital currency should be. This indicates Bitcoin itself is not one, however two totally different entities. These entities exist all at once– but for really different factors. You can read more details about the transformation of Bitcoin before the fork here.

Bitcoin split into 2 different groups in 2015 after the initial variation of Bitcoin had actually become a more cumbersome way of operating, due to imposed restrictions and restrictions placed on it as it grew. Bitcoin Cash more carefully looks like the original Bitcoin developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as a peer-to-peer electronic money system that enables cheap cash transfers, instant confirmations, worldwide compatibility, and no constraints on minimum or maximum deal quantities. It is excellent for small business and individuals.

Bitcoin Cash does not have the fees and other challenges that started to afflict Bitcoin throughout its rapid development.

It permits little casual deals without any middlemen needed.

The group that established Bitcoin Money felt the digital currency required to revert to the original variation that Nakamoto planned without barriers to entry such as costs and chain obstruct constraints. Bitcoin Money levels the playing field and makes small deals like purchasing a cup of coffee economical. Prior to the Bitcoin division that little of a transaction had ended up being method too expensive. Bitcoin Cash returns digital currency to the worldwide marketplace the method our creator intended.

Bitcoin Money is just an upgraded, better version of BTC that works better for everybody. Small businesses and individuals can jump on board to use what is developed to be universal currency– open to everyone. Nakamoto’s intention has always been to reinvent cash for the whole world that is spendable, free to transact without any banks, no high fees and no intermediaries. Bitcoin Money maintains the shop of worth of the initial Bitcoin. You can feel confident when we state Bitcoin Cash is Money.

See What’s Planned for BCH in 2019.
We do not believe we need to remind you that we are very excited about what next year holds for Bitcoin Cash. With its massive adoption and more ways to utilize it the digital currency is growing by leaps and bounds. We anticipate 2019 to bring more mobile apps, more merchant payment services, more personal financing and bitcoin financial investment tools.

Our item managers and developers believed they would share their experiences and plans for Bitcoin Cash in the coming year. These are just a few of their insights:.

Designer Platform Takes App Building To Next Level.

We have actually achieved much more than numerous thought was possible and we’re simply starting. Developer.bitcoin.com was created with the intention of empowering designers to change the world with Bitcoin Money. We intend to be the go-to source of understanding and tooling for BCH designers all over the world. We’ll provide you the knowledge you require to go from enthusiast to professional step-by-step and the tools you require to go from concept to app 10x faster than the competition.

See the BCH Anniversary blog site: Designer Platform Takes App Building To Next Level, by Gabriel Cardona.


Bitcoin.com To Release Evolutionary Wallet Updates.
” For the world to accomplish personal economic flexibility, is not just what moved us into launching a new wallet right before the self-reliance day, however likewise what keeps us wishing to enhance this and so lots of other products, and heck, it likewise provides us the energy to devote our lives to this objective.”.

See the BCH Anniversary blog: Bitcoin.com To Release Evolutionary Wallet Updates, by Alfonso Rocha.


Bitcoin.com Shop Ups The Swag.

” The first few months of the store has actually been everything about swag and facilities. With our tees popping and the cogs all set, our schedule is looking busy for the rest of the year.

Believe more high-quality swag and merchandise. Fantastic cooperations with people inside (and outdoors) of the Bitcoin Money community. Oh, and some extraordinary brand-new services that make it simpler than ever for you to invest your Bitcoin Money.”.

See the BCH Anniversary blog: Bitcoin.com Store Ups The Boodle, by Blake Moore.

Video gaming.

Bitcoin.com Gaming Strategies To Go Global.
” In the coming months we will be adding even more video games to our leading gambling property, consisting of brand-new video gambling establishment games like baccarat, enjoyable and distinct experiences like the upcoming “Low Rider” video game, and even some player-vs-player games (I’ll let the thriller build on that a person …).”.

See the BCH Anniversary blog: Bitcoin.com Video gaming Strategies To Go International, by Dennis Jarvis.


Bitcoin.com Mining Is For Everyone.
Bitcoin.com Swimming pool is happy to be part of history, as one of the very first pools to mine Bitcoin Cash on the day of the tough fork (1st August 2017). We were also the very first pool to offer Bitcoin Money cloud mining agreements with auto-profit changing. We securely support Satoshi’s vision of on-chain scaling, and Bitcoin Money follows that vision.

See the BCH Anniversary blog: Bitcoin.com Mining Is For Everyone, by Shaun Chong.


Bitcoin.com News: Every Day, 24 hr, Global Coverage.
Bitcoin.com’s news operation is on a roll and we are growing as fast as we can hire. We’ve managed to produce a readership in the millions and we have actually built a desk of 10 full-time journalists producing day-to-day editorial content, supported by extra production and technical personnel.

See the BCH Anniversary blog site: Bitcoin.com News: Every Day, 24 hr, Worldwide Protection, by Nanok Bie.

Why is Bitcoin Money Growing So Well?
We will admit it loudly. Without the Bitcoin Money neighborhood, BCH would be just another cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Cash community are significant factors to its success and adoption. Fortunately for Bitcoin Money and Bitcoin.com, we are backed by financial experts, developers, digital evangelists, investors, celebrities, and daily people who use Bitcoin Money for excellent. They’re a warm and inviting neighborhood, a driving force behind ‘the movement’. This is an international community of people all working to accomplish liberty from the state, control over their own information, privacy and complete ownership of their currency.

We require to thank everybody who has helped Bitcoin Cash grow so extremely in its first year. We could not have done it without you!
Please Join Our Neighborhood.

Bitcoin Cash will not continue to grow without your assistance. Bitcoin Money Meetups are forming worldwide. The meetups have ended up being places to hang out with like-minded individuals who spend Bitcoin Money and discover more about the cryptocurrency area. We require your involvement to continue the momentum. To find out about occasions near you check out, click on this link.

Don’t forget the meet up to celebrate Bitcoin Cash’s birthday! The greatest one will occur in Tokyo August 1 at the very cool ‘Rakan.’ Examine it out here.

The crypto-world moves quick. Who understands where BCH will remain in another year. We can’t wait to see what happens. We’re hoping for complete scale adoption of cryptocurrency and economic flexibility for all.

Here’s to an even busier and prosperous year! Always keep in mind: “Liberty is Bitcoin Cash!”.

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