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How to sign-up with Bitcoin Profit Forum

Bitcoin Profit is an auto-robot made for all investors, including complete newbies. The App is available in nearly all countries that support crypto derivatives trading.

Sign up with Bitcoin Profit is completely free and only takes a couple of minutes. However, you need to verify identity with the matched partner broker. This may take a couple of hours, but you can proceed to deposit and also trade before verification. Please be aware that you can only withdraw the supposed profits from a verified account.

As explained earlier, Bitcoin Profit is available for all and simple to use even for the complete newbie. You simply need to read the trading guide and watch the risk management lessons to trade with this App successfully. The following steps should kick-start your trading journey with Bitcoin Profit.


You must join Bitcoin Profit web site to access its web-trader. As mentioned above, the register process is self-explanatory.

Countercheck all details you submit during the sign up process to avoid problems later. Keep in mind that you must verify ID and contact details to access the web-trader. Moreover, you’ll use the phone number and also email you provide for account login.

Bitcoin Profit only accepts a multi-factor authentication sign-in method. Moreover, users must adhere to specific password protection guide, among other measures. The App claims to adhere to the stringent EU data privacy regulation known as the GDPR.


Bitcoin Profit requires users to deposit at least USD 250 to access the live trading platform. The deposit is what the partner broker uses to place orders on the market as directed by a robot.

You can deposit through credit or debit card, Wire Transfer, Money Gram, Skrill, and bitcoin. All deposits through major debit and also credit cards facilitate instantly.

Deposits made through e-wallets and also crypto wallets may take up to Fifteen minutes to reflect in the investors account. Bitcoin Profit utilizes top-level encryption standards to protect users data. This means that your billing details are safe with this App.

Demo trading

This account helps you familiarize with the real-time web-trader before going live. Bitcoin Profit is entirely auto but gives users the option to define the level of risk they’re willing to take per trade.

You need to read the trading guide carefully and practice what you learn with the demo account. It’s also vital that you watch the trading courses to get a clear picture of methods risk management applies in a live account.

We advise that you practice with the demo for at least A couple of hours before moving to the live account.

Live trading

You should only go live after getting enough demo experience. As mentioned above, you need to define the risk you’re willing to take per trade before going live.

Bitcoin Profit offers features such as Stop-Loss and Take-Profit to assist you manage risk. The Stop-loss feature defines the level of loss you’re ready to bear while the Take-Profit defines the level of profit you’re willing.

These functions help investors avoid getting overly ambitious or too fearful. The BTC CFDs markets are highly volatile, and hence a chance can turn into a risk if the investor fails to act in time.

Bitcoin Profit applies another feature known as Negative Balance Protection, to shield users from trading into the negative.

How to make the most out of Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit runs on auto-pilot, but there are several things that users can do to make the most out of it. These include;

1. Trade for not less than Eight hours daily – Bitcoin Profit makes 100s of trades daily and hence performs well when left to run for long hours. The best time to run this App is when bitcoin volatility is high. This is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM ET since this is when live trading is happening in Wall Street.

2. Only commit what you can afford to lose – Starting small permits you the peace of mind to observe market trends and also identify the best time to run the App. Investing lots of money, on the other hand, is likely to cause fear hence making you interrupt trading prematurely.

3. Get a trading partner – Introduce a friend to the robot and also work together towards building a trading plan. Compare performance to determine what works and what does not .

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