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When a link to a strange whitepaper was published entitled, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Money System” it was clear the world would never be the very same once again. Online payments no longer required banks, they could be made directly rather. We are pleased to be commemorating the one year anniversary of Bitcoin Cash today!

How does The Store look today?
We think Bitcoin must be simply as Satoshi envisioned, as cash. We are sure Satoshi will be commemorating someplace too. There is no much better time than today to reiterate that at The Store the word HODL is not a part of our vocabulary. We invest Bitcoin Cash instead. It is our objective to support the community by offering items and services payable in BCH.

Since the store came on the scene in March 2018, we have actually been focused on bringing Bitcoin swag to the masses. Our collections are jam loaded with tee shirts, hoodies, hats for each Bitcoin fanatic. Love Lil Windex? We stock the infamous BCH Gang t-shirts. Memorable BCH-focused mottos your thing? Our BCH PLS tee makes sure to be a struck with you. Oh, and do not worry, we have actually made sure not to forget the ladies of Bitcoin too.

If security is a pushing concern for you (and it should be), we make sure you’re covered. We are official resellers of both Journal and KeepKey, two of the world’s leading hardware wallet brand names. Shop Ups The Swag
For the creatives amongst you our Bitcoin Art area ought to be your go-to. Filled to the rafters with art from some of our favourite art, all of the artists we list accept payment in Bitcoin Cash.

We practice what we preach too. The Shop is Bitcoin just, thanks to the incredible payment infrastructure that BitPay offer.

What can you anticipate next?
The very first few months of the shop has actually been all about swag and infrastructure. With our tees popping and the cogs all set, our schedule is looking hectic for the rest of the year.

We do not want to offer too much away, but what we have in the pipeline has us really thrilled. Shop Ups The Swag
Minimal edition Satoshi Doodles tee shirt available on The Store for the next 72 hours!

Believe more high quality boodle and merchandise. Fantastic partnerships with individuals inside (and outside) of the Bitcoin Cash community. Oh, and some unbelievable new services that make it simpler than ever for you to invest your Bitcoin Money.

We are committed to bringing you the most cutting edge products and services, all payable in Bitcoin Money.

HODLing is tiring. Invest rather.

Keep in mind to get a minimal edition Satoshi Doodles t-shirt, available on the shop for the next 72 hours! Get yours here.

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