100 Episodes on the Bitcoin.com Podcast Network

Bitcoin never ever stops. Neither does Bitcoin.com.
Every as soon as in a while, it is necessary to stop; to breathe and celebrate a turning point.

Today, September 4th we released our 100th episode on the podcast network.:

The Emperor of Bitcoin– Daniel Krawisz.

We started on January 5th of this year, only 8 months ago.

A lot has changed ever since.

January 5th 2018:

Rate of BTC was 16,734 USD

Rate of BCH was 2,762 USD

Overall Crypto Market Cap was at 752 billion USD

1 program on the podcast network

As of today’s writing:

Cost of BTC is 7,366 USD

Cost of BCH is 641 USD

Total Crypto Market Cap is at 239 billion USD

4 programs on the podcast network

It’s been a bearish year to state the least.

However there is a bright side to the price corrections.

The bear market allows time for knowing and building.

We have put down the structures for a podcast network moving forward. It is the go-to channel to connect with Bitcoin novices and specialists alike.

We reside in a “linked” world with attention more fragmented than ever. Audio has an advantage over print and video: one can listen to a podcast while they are doing something else.

You may ask, why a podcast network and not simply one show? A one size fits all podcast is too limiting for a vibrant, worldwide movement. So we are now at four and growing.

Today in Bitcoin– Stay in the understand with news from the Bitcoin world on this weekly podcast. An easy-to-digest news summary released every Friday. Delivered in 15 minutes or less! Straight from our global news offices.
Blockchain 2025– Blockchain is an innovation that will interfere with nearly every industry. We check out one industry in every episode. How will blockchain modification art, music, or online advertising? What improvements will be made? What jobs are already underway? How will they benefit? Listen to learn.
People of Bitcoin– Humans of Bitcoin tells the stories of people whose lives have actually been affected by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Guests range from activists and refugees to artists and business owners. At People of Bitcoin, we just would like to know how cryptocurrency is altering people’s lives, and why.
Calle Bitcoin (Spanish)– Un podcast sobre el crypto, blockchain, y bitcoin en el día a día. Conversamos sobre temas actuales, sobre lo que pasa en la calle, y con lenguaje sencillo. Queremos aprender con los oyentes sobre estas tecnologías revolucionarias que están para quedarse. Calle Bitcoin narra revolución.

Our objective is to encourage adoption, so we aim for every episode to pass the “mommy test”.

We desire the 99% of the world that understands very little to belong to listen and learn. This indicates describing an interesting, complicated world in layman’s terms. Your mom needs to be able to understand.
A few quick hits

Top downloaded episode: The Future of Blockchain with Jared Tate of Digibyte– When a government firm, big business, or law enforcement, wants to learn more about blockchain, they call Jared Tate.

A lot of downloaded episode on People of Bitcoin: A Porn Star’s Handle Cryptocurrency– Brenna sparks informs us why crypto indicates survival in the adult entertainment industry. Listen to find out why she’s a HODLer + her truthful views of the infamous Legends club.

A Few Significant guests
Apolo Ohno– 8 time olympic medalist and Dancing With The Stars champion

Calvin Ayre– Online video gaming mogul, founder of BoDog. Crypto Ambassador for the country of Antigua.

Josh Ellithorpe of Coinbase

If you just had time to listen to one episode check out: Bitcoin’s Chief Financial expert– Jeffrey Tucker

Breaking the news:
In English, revealing that the fantastic XDite will run for mayor of Taipei.
Cody Wilson unique on 3D gun blueprints.
Lots of episodes of This Week in Bitcoin thanks to Cindy Wang offering news first hand from China.

With 100 episodes under our belt, we are hitting our stride in production quality, conversational circulation, and home entertainment value.
It sounds cliche, however I really believe that we are just getting going.

Most notably, this was a synergy. The people who made this possible:

Isabel Chaparro– Modifying/ production. Every single episode!

Emily Dallara– Marketing

Edward Kelso– Co-host of Blockchain 2025, guest reach-outs,

Kai Sedgwick– Manager of material for Today in Bitcoin

Cindy Wang– Bitcoin China news

Gerald Fabrot– guest reach outs, cool graphics (the header image!).

Podcast Website– Joey King, and Luis Barreto.

Calle Bitcoin Alejandro Beltran + Juan Pablo Calderón (AKA Dumpa).

Previous hosts– Nick Cuttonaro, Cady Voge, Stuart James.

YOU– the listeners and customers. Thanks a lot!

Please reach out to us (podcast AT bitcoin DOT com) if you have any suggestions for future programs, or simply to say Hi.

Here’s to one hundred more episodes!

– Matt Aaron.

Podcast Supervisor at Bitcoin.com.

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